Joseph Jacinto Mora (1876-1947)

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Joseph Jacinto Mora -
Joseph Jacinto Mora - Joseph Jacinto Mora -
18 3/8" x 24 1/4"
Color lithograph
Copyright: 1942 Jo Mora Publications -
Monterey, California lower right image
Published: 1942 Jo Mora Publications
Signature: Made by Jo Mora - lower right image

NOTE: Jo made this map for the people of Carmel with a general history and current (1942) events, activities, and local people. Jo was also quite a dog lover and he included some of the town's dogs, gifted with personality, including his own dog Mike Mora. An unknown quantity of these maps had an advertising line added to the lower right margin in blue ink "50c with mailing tube - Jo Mora Publications, Monterey, Ca." was added for stores and places of business that had them on display.

Carmel-by-the-Sea once hung in Hugh Comstock's studio in Carmel.
His immediate success required him to expand his workspace from his home (1925) at the NE corner of 6th and Torres, to the adjacent lot and studio. The Comstock Studio is significant as the workspace for Carmel designer/master builder Hugh Comstock (1897-1950) during the productive period of his life and as an example of the Storybook style of residential architecture he introduced in the mid 1920’s that has shaped, in part, the residential character of Carmel to the present.