Preserving the past –
      Enriching the future

Preserving the past – Enriching the future

The Pacific Grove Museum-Gallery offers a free educationally enjoyable experience, open to the public, focusing on the Monterey/Carmel region’s rich artistic and cultural heritage. Within our historically related displays we offer visitors the opportunity to view amazing original early artworks and many rare treasures which serve to showcase our region’s storied legacies.

Among the many curated exhibits featured are S.F.B. Morse and the Hotel Del Monte. Important early California artists such as Armin Hansen, William Ritschel, Jules Tavernier, E. Charlton Fortune, Francis McComas, Jo Mora and M. DeNeale Morgan. Some of the many other exhibits to be enjoyed are displays of legendary writers John Steinbeck, Robert Louis Stevenson, Gertrude Stein and Henry Miller.

Come by for a visit, there’s much more to be discovered…

Trotter Galleries Inc - Pacific Grove Museum-Gallery

We are located at the corner of Forest Avenue and Laurel Avenue, directly across the street from the Pacific Grove City Hall.

Almost all of the 4,000 square foot building is exclusively devoted to preserving the past by informing the present, thus providing insights for the future. The Museum-Gallery experience is arranged to accommodate individual walk-in visitors as well as docent tours, classes, speakers, and many larger events in a setting meant to tangibly express the rich depth of our local heritage.

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