tnHansen_Requiem 11-05-12
ARMIN C, HANSEN,  N.A. (1886-1957)

”The Rembrandt of the West…
”California’s Master Etcher”

tnLewis_Week Enders 2

Student and close friend of Armin Hansen. Lewis produced nearly 200 different etchings, all in small editions. She exhibited regularly in annual exhibitions with most of America’s printmaking societies.

tnWhitman_Fishermans Wharf2
PAUL WHITMAN (1897-1950)

”Artist, Printmaker, Teacher, and Educator”

tnWhedon_Telegraph Hill SF
HARRIET WHEDON (1878-1958)

Whedon was an active member of the early modernist scene in the San Francisco Bay Area through the 1920s and 30s.

tnMcGlynn_Russian River near Duncan Mills
THOMAS A. McGLYNN (1878-1966)

Craftsman, Designer, Teacher, Painter –
”a lifetime dedicated to artistic passions…”

tnLemos_The Sunset Mountain

”The leading exponent in California of the Arts and Crafts movement and Arthur Wesley Dow’s teaching and theories.”

tnYuan_Still Life with Yellow Flowers DSCN8029
S.C. YUAN (1911-1974)

”Art should have something to say to the viewer, and only then is it honest art, which has permanent value.”  S.C. Yuan